CV. IndoPalm Enterprise, which is located in Pontianak, West Borneo, is one of the fastest growing coconut charcoal company in Indonesia that have been producing charcoal briquettes since June 2015. The company were initiated by a group of young people with high spirit, dedication, and motivation to achieve our dream as one of the most reputable coconut charcoal company in the world. We also feel blessed, that our company born at the booming digital technology era,where information about coconut charcoal business with its great market potentials and opportunities can be learned in a relatively short time.

Our first production facility is located beside Kapuas river, which is the longest river in Indonesia; and to fulfill the growing demand of quality briquettes, on 2018 we also have production partnership on East Java, to produce more with raw material from other areas. Our group has production capacity around 200 tonnes per month. We are commited to produce and supply highest quality briquettes for our customers around the world with various shapes and other customization requests.



Our vision is to be one of the leading companies in coconut charcoal industry and renewable green energy products

Our mission is to provide high quality coconut charcoal for all our customers in sustainable manners.

We value commitment and integrity and maintain business ethics on relation with our customers. We are also open for any charcoal-related discussion to try to understand what the customer’s need and welcome for any critics to make us better.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us regarding your charcoal needs, we hope to hear and grow the business together with you.