The Best Quality Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

IndoPalm Enterprise produces the best quality coconut charcoal briquettes made from 100% natural (non chemicals) carbonized coconut shells. Our specialty products are Barbeque (BBQ) and Shisha briquettes. Our QC team performs random tests in all steps of production from raw material until packaging process. Product can be customized based on customer’s detail specification (charcoal’s ignition period, burning time, shape, and size). We also do customized packaging box based on customer’s design request.

All Naturas Material

Our Material Material Using The Natural order not damage the environment

  • we use materials that are 100% Natural Because we care about the environment100%

Long Burning Time & consistent high heat

in order to get a delicious taste of barbecue you can roast them in a way long Burning Time & consistent high heat
  • The Maturity Level Cloudy100%

Smokeless & odorless without nasty smells

creating a distinctive flavour of charcoal indopalm
  • so distinctive flavour that wafted wafted by others people100%

Clean burning & minimum ash residue

minimize the ash remaining in the disk mill
  • we minimize the residual ash remaining in order not to damage the environmental impact100%