The production starts with the coconut shells that are being carbonized, cracked and grinded into charcoal powder. With the mixture of natural ingredients, such as tapioca starch and clean spring water, the fine coconut charcoal powder is later pressed and cut into the requested briquettes shape, like cubical, hexagonal, or others.

The next important step is the sorting process to ensure only the best briquettes shape to be in our final product. We than continue with the overnight oven drying process to harden and to ensure the briquettes are burned perfectly. After that the briquettes are packed and boxes are ready to be delivered.

Quality Control

Good production needs a very good quality control. To ensure and guarantee that every production batch always meet
the customers specification we test our charcoal on a daily basis in our OWN LABORATORY.
1. Raw material check;
2. For each production process QC: sorting, extruding, cutting, splitting, drying;
3. Final packaging random check inspection.

We also do additional quality checks with third-party QC’s.

Report of Analysis

Packaging Process

The packaging facilities must be separated from production, so that the final product is clean with minimum dust. Here, we pack briquettes in various sizes of plastic and boxes according to customer request. We have a long-term partnership with several plastic and box companies to supply us quality packaging. Please feel free to ask for design support for your brand.